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CQAA March Webinar: Agile Metrics to Boost Quality Improvement

  • 24 Mar 2021
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Webinar


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Agile Metrics to Boost Quality Improvement

Philip Lew, XBOSoft

About the Topic

Webinar Time:  4:00PM - 5:00PM

Agile, a development methodology, designed to allow team members to work iteratively during the development process instead of delivering a final product all at once, is now 20 years old. And when it comes to testing within an Agile process, there are those that use pyramids, and rectangles as mental models for where you should put your effort, or not.

Sometimes, software quality in Agile is mistranslated as the idea that everyone is responsible for software testing. But within Agile software development, ensuring quality is much more than testing, and must include activities at different levels, including estimates for the workload for each iteration. Otherwise, testing happens last minute—or sometimes not at all, depending on time constraints. To have a successful Agile team, most software developers know that velocity is an essential component.

But it’s not just about measuring velocity, as velocity is only one factor or measurement for success. There are many other factors to measure when you want to assess the success of your Agile team in delivering a quality product. In this webinar, we specifically look at some key metrics for us the measure the success and progress of our quality in Agile. Though you may think it’s all about defects (sometimes it is), there are many ways to slice, dice, and analyze (and interpret) data that can blow your mind. We’ll use Jira as an example, but you can do this with practically any issue tracking collaboration tool. Tune in with Philip Lew as he provides insight into what information and insights you can extract to help your team improve software quality. 

Key Learning Objectives

  • Determine what Agile Testing means for you.
  • Understand what you should be looking at besides defects to measure the processes and actions that generate software quality.
  • Learn how to look deeper and understand the “alternative realities” of a particular metric? In other words, what are the possible conclusions outside of the obvious?
  • Learn how and why to cross verify one metric with another, along with which ones make sense and why others don’t.

About the Speaker

Philip is the CEO at XBOSoft. XBOSoft’s software QA and software testing services help their clients deliver products to market faster and with higher quality; an ever-increasing challenge as software becomes more complex and platforms increase. As a Corporate Executive, Development Manager, Product Manager and Software Engineer, Philip has managed teams to tackle broken processes, develop solutions to difficult problems, and coached others be leaders, managers and experts. He leverages his academic background in operations research and computer science combined with hands on work experience in programming, predictive modeling and algorithm development to work with clients and colleagues around the world in improving their software processes. As a sought-after keynote speaker at international technical and management conferences, he gives several keynote speeches each year around the world, but his real passions are cycling and learning.



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