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CQAA September 2020 Webinar: Value of Codeless Test Automation

  • 23 Sep 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online Webinar


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Value of Codeless Test Automation

Bhavin Soni, IAA

About the Topic

Automation testing is a necessity of an agile development process. It involves creating a separate software framework to test the primary product through automated means. The more complex a product, the higher is the complexity of the testing framework. Automated testing becomes critical once every product release requires the execution of thousands of test cases and actions. For large projects or projects having a fast release cycle, creating a test environment and writing test scripts can take a huge amount of time and resources. This ultimately defeats the whole purpose of test automation which is aimed at reducing testing time and cost.
A solution to this problem is codeless testing. Codeless testing creates automated tests without writing a single piece of code. This approach has been steadily evolving with new technology innovations focused on reducing the coding process and making it more user-friendly. The ultimate goal is to make the setup so easy to use that automating a test scenario takes less amount of time and requires almost no coding efforts….making the process true codeless testing. Join Bhavin as he explains how codeless test automation tools and platforms have been evolving capabilities to achieve both UI and API automation, as well as supporting automation for other technologies such as cloud and mobile applications as well.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What is codeless test automation vs coded automation
  • Brief overview on IAA’s journey from coded to codeless test automation
  • Codeless automation examples
  • Importance of focusing on API automation along with UI automation
  • Achieving continuous testing with codeless automation

About the Speaker

Bhavin Soni brings over 15+ years of testing, quality assurance, and test automation experience. Bhavin has been passionate to learn and assist in implementing latest trends and technologies for any aspect of  organizational QA practices. He currently works for IAA as a Quality Assurance Architect and has been part of their codeless test automation initiative, which IAA started a few years ago, He would like to share his insights on this approach and initiative tor many organizations and testers in the industry


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