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CQAA August 2020 Webinar: Test Scenario Design Models: What are They and Why are They Your Key to Agile Quality Success

  • 18 Aug 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online Webinar


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Test Scenario Design Models: What are They and Why are They Your Key to Agile Quality Success

Robert Gormley, Trissential

About the Topic

Customer satisfaction is a priority of agile teams aiming for successful product delivery. However, many teams continue to rely on functional and regression testing built on traditional, linear test case design. This approach is rarely customer centric, and it neither serves to validate the many different emerging layers of software architecture nor establishes a conceptual understanding of what should be built into automated tests. Consequently, traditional test case design has become an antipattern for successful product delivery. A scenario-based approach, in contrast, examines user behaviors to provide a consistent narrative to accurately evaluate product functionality, and establishes a tight boundary for automated testing of acceptance criteria. Using this approach, user behavior is emphasized, and test cases are short, concise, and driven by the language of the business. This presentation shows how to use the test scenario design model approach to accelerate testing by designing fewer, higher-quality tests, and explains how it can be used to support traceability and other quality outcomes.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Get a view into the Agile quality trends
  • Understand why the traditional testing paradigm doesn’t work in Agile
  • Understand what the Test Scenario Design Model is
  • Understand the how and what of the evolution of the Test Scenario Design Model
  • Understand what the core components of the Test Scenario Design Model are
  • Understand how Test Scenario Design Models support test automation
  • Understand the Quality metrics that support the Test Scenario Design Model

About the Speaker

Robert has worked in Quality Assurance for 20+ years and worked his way up through the ranks delivering digital transformation through quality management strategies with Fortune 100 companies across all industries. Form his early days to present day, Robert's focus has always been on creating lean, agile processes that allow organizations to produce quality software that meets customer needs. Robert leads companies to transform their businesses through Agile, DevOps, RPA, Automation, IoT, and AI/ML. Leveraging his Master's in Education, Robert's passion for quality innovation and transformation drives him to educate and mentor companies and specialists throughout the globe.


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