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QUEST 2016 Webinar Series: Compatibility Testing for Mobile Devices

  • 21 Jan 2016
  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Online


Compatibility Testing for Mobile Devices

with Michael Yudanin, Conflair

About the Topic

Mobile testing presents a number of challenges that require special attention. One of these is testing your apps and websites for compatibility with different mobile platforms. Mobile devices differ in terms of operating systems and their flavors, processing power, memory, display size, resolution – all this in addition to the familiar challenge of multiple browsers. Moreover, the mobile market is not only diverse but also extremely dynamic: new OS versions and new hardware show up quite frequently. How do we focus on what can cause issues rather than repeating all our tests on all platforms? How do we implement the principles of compatibility testing for the mobile market, covering the bases and minimizing risk without turning testing into a continuous nightmare and our cubicles – into smartphone warehouses? What are the relevant factors that determine on which devices and with which operating systems to test? What are the principal differences between testing mobile websites and native apps as far as compatibility is concerned? What are the criteria for deciding whether to purchase devices or rent a lab?

Key Learning Objectives
  • The main differences between mobile compatibility testing and compatibility testing for PC and Mac applications and websites
  • The main factors that determine the selection of tests and platform combination for mobile compatibility testing
  • Deciding whether to purchase multiple devices, rent a lab, or use a hybrid approach
About the Speaker

Michael Yudanin is the CEO of Conflair, a QA and testing company. He has been working on automating tests for mobile devices since before mobile apps and smartphones became commonplace. Michael developed RealMobileTM, a unique approach to using common automation tools to automate testing of mobile apps and websites. Among the large enterprises that have benefited from this approach to mobile testing are Home Depot, Bank of America, The Weather Channel, and Spirit Airlines. Michael is a frequent speaker at testing conferences and regularly delivers classes on test planning, requirements management, test automation, XML, web services testing, and other subjects.


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