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The Quality Journal is CQAA's quarterly newsletter publication. The goal of this publication is to provide CQAA members a repository of information about CQAA events, topics of interest, and articles for professional knowledge and growth.

To submit articles, events, or advertisements related to software quality and testing for future issues of The Quality Journal, please contact the Editorial Team at All articles submitted will be reviewed for content and are subject to approval. Submitted articles cannot be copyrighted materials.

Copies of The Quality Journal are available for download

Index of Articles in The Quality Journal

  • Adapting to the Present Future, June 2012
  • Feeling Warm and Fuzzy About Testing: "Fuzz" Testing in Automation, March 2012
  • Changing Skills for Software Quality Professionals, December 2011
  • Memo to CIOs: Try an Agile Approach to Software Development, September 2011
  • Communication Techniques for Successful Agile Projects, September 2011
  • Using Models with Storyboards in an Agile Process, June 2011
  • Getting the Most Out of a Distributed Team, June 2011
  • Software Quality Assurance Turns 50: A Critical Look at the State of the Profession, March 2011
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