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Board of Directors

CQAA is served by a self-perpetuating Board of Directors that meets monthly to plan, implement and review programs and functions. To ensure that the CQAA Board remains strong, the directors have adopted a succession plan. All board positions have detailed descriptions that identify the responsibilities of the Board Members. Board positions that become vacant will be posted on the CQAA website and applications will be accepted at that time.

Board Members List

Nancy Kastl, President

Sara Joseph, Treasurer

Cindy Glaser, Membership

Jason Glaser, Programs

Dai Whaley, Certifications & Training



Conducts the business of organization.


Records the events at all board meetings and maintains the corporate books.


Maintains and publishes financial information, and files all tax returns and legally required forms.

Director of Membership

Maintains the CQAA membership database.

Director of Programs

Manages the activities required to plan, schedule and conduct programs.

Director of Certifications and Training

Facilitates activities for the certification programs and training events endorsed by the Board.
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